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Only from 3,620,000 VND. You have owned the high-rise escape rope-Korean Seohan Genuine 100%, is Bao Vietnam insurance up to 2 billion company Bao Vietnam insurance up to 2 billion. Stringed include:
+ The speed controller is made of stainless steel self-regulation can slow down the speed of the user landed safely and without injury.
+ Seatbelt: Durable, solid, comfortable to use.
+ Using Sequential pulley mechanism, the elderly and young children can easily escape.
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1. Structure of the high-rise escape rope Seohan:
+ The speed controller: Considered the heart of the product, are composed by the gear made of stainless steel, self-braking brake pads ceramic material. Thus can manually adjust the speed of the user falls to the ground safely and without causing injury.
+ Speed ​​controller box is powder coated high technology, increase the aesthetics and longevity of the device.
dây thoát hiểm nhà cao tầng
Fuses high-rise escape rope Seohan
+ The line of products is made from a type of steel used in the field of aviation and rescue, coated synthetic fibers. Stringed escape than 1500oC Seohan stand, withstand load 800kg.
+ Designed with 02 sets of large belt, padded soft foam helps the user does not hurt when sliding.
+ Equipment Racks are made from stainless steel, high-grade powder coating.
+ Load full use of the product is 150 kg.
Video of the high-rise escape rope Seohan
2. The distinctive feature of the high-rise escape rope Seohan
From children to elderly patients can use safely.
+ Using the same time for 1 adult and a child under 7 years old when using auxiliary belt.
+ Ladders are designed according to the principle of vertical lines so can be used in a sequential manner for many.
+ Box product designed eye-catching, attention in case of fire or explosion.
+ Time for long-term use of investment so that the cost is not high.
+ The product is insured for $ 2 billion of insurance companies on Vietnam.
+ Being HCMC Institute of Mechanics testing and quality certification.
+ The high-rise escape rope Seohan are imported directly from Korea and the Korean Department of fire protection inspection certification and standards KS304 circulation.
 3. The length of high-rise escape rope Seohan
only from
3,620,000 VND
You have owned the high-rise escape rope-Korean Seohan Genuine 100%, is Bao Vietnam insurance up to 
billions VNĐ.
Note: Rates are inclusive of 10% VAT and mounting accessories.
dây thoát hiểm nhà cao tầng seohan
Pictures of the escape rope ladder tall buildings Seohan
4. Manual high-rise escape rope Seohan.
+ In emergency situations, you have to check shelving, hanging strings and advise removable hooks have safety requirements have to screw hooks.
+ Belt is worn on the chest to make sure.
+ Throw winding through the exit hole, when coming out to make sure the foot forward.
+ Do not loosen escape than 1m cable as it may collide with the wall caused the accident.
+ When dropped ensure her face toward the wall and the device will automatically lowered herself to the ground.
5. Note:
+ Keep the product in a dry place.
+ Always make sure the cord exits in its original state after drying.
+ Place the wire box in a fixed location, can easily be taken out of use and recognizable symbols.
+ Do not arbitrarily take apart and repair. Not any kind of grease investigation public.
+ Check every 2 years 1 times.
To ensure the safety of individuals, families, companies and communities please immediately pick up the phone and call 04 3 2007 286 We are ready to serve you 24/7;


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