Automatic Descending Life Line
Only from 3,620,000 VND. You have owned the high-rise escape rope-Korean Seohan Genuine 100%, is Bao Vietnam insurance up to 2 billion company Bao Vietnam insurance up to 2 billion. Stringed include:
+ The speed controller is made of stainless steel self-regulation can slow down the speed of the user landed safely and without injury.
+ Seatbelt: Durable, solid, comfortable to use.
+ Using Sequential pulley mechanism, the elderly and young children can easily escape.
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Automatic descending life line

From children to elderly patients can use safely. + Using the same time for 1 adult and a child under 7 years old when using auxiliary belt. + Ladders are designed according to the principle of vertical lines so can be used in a sequential manner for many. + Box product designed eye-catching, attention in case of fire or explosion. + Time for long-term use of investment so that the cost is not high. + The product is insured for $ 2 billion of insurance companies on Vietnam. + Being HCMC Institute of Mechanics testing and quality certification. + The high-rise escape rope Seohan are imported directly from Korea and the Korean Department of fire protection inspection certification and standards KS304 circulation.

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